Landscape Design

The Design Process

The design process is fairly simple. There will be two initial appointments: The first one will be to meet with you at the property to discuss your wants and needs versus a real world budget. The second appointment, in most cases, will be to go over the conceptual plan and give you the Proposal and Estimate. From there, you’re welcome to ask for a revision (no charge), purchase the plan, or, if everything looks good, we’ll put you on the books and get a start date!


  • Landscape Designs start at $300.00
  • (3) Copies of the plan
  • (3) Copies of Conceptual Sketches (as required)
  • One (1) Hour Free Consult upon request

A Tale Of Two Plans

The plan on the left (Design “X”) was purchased from a reputable designer out of Northern California. Conceptually, they gave the folks everything they asked for. But where this plan takes an unfortunate turn is that the designer, unfamiliar with the costs of material and labor, designed something far too costly for the folks to install. “On a lark”, we were called to bid on the plan before they shelved the project. After an extensive meeting, we figured out that we could achieve the same concept as they wanted but make it more functional (a particular hang-up of mine) and more cost effective.

Should you have a plan?

This one is just common sense. You don’t build a home, a bridge, or a city without a plan. Why would you treat one of your most valuable investments any other way?

If you have a plan — a good plan — you know where the project starts and you know where it ends (both in terms of work and cost). But the benefits of a plan extend beyond that.

Before the plan is even developed, you should be considering at least three things: Are you in it for the long run? Are you a short term owner? Or are you considering the home as a future rental? Finding out the answers to these questions should govern the development of the plan.

Our plans take all the above into consideration and so much more. “The difference is in the details” is not just something we say — it’s what we live by.

REMEMBER: “The only dumb question is the question not asked.” We are here to help. Please do not be shy.

Our hope with this page, if absolutely nothing else, is that it gives you a little bit better insight as to who we are and how we work. Part of our goal is to help educate and inform our friends in the community about beneficial landscaping and what it can do for the quality of your life and the value of your home.

Licensed vs. Unlicensed

Accountability. It’s plain and simple.

Licensed landscape contractors will have a six (6) digit number that ties them to their classification (C-27) with the state. For example, our number is 811946. If you want to check your contractors history with the state, all you have to do is go to the CSLB Web site and punch in their number and you will have their history right at your finger tips.
Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the unlicensed guy. And lets be honest, that is exactly how he / she wants it. There is no accountability. If they do a poor job and you wish to seek compensation through a third party, they simply change their phone number and move on to the next project.

But they had a license? Look closer. More than likely it is a Business License. Business Licenses are essentially permits granted by the city to perform work within the city.

The way I see it, next to your significant other, a home is one of the biggest investments most people will make in a lifetime. Why would anyone risk depreciating the value of their home with shoddy workmanship or poor planning just to save a few dollars? But they do. And often they don’t even realize there’s a problem until it’s too late.

Beautiful & Affordable

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