Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens have become an extension – perhaps a melding – of your living room, dining room, and kitchen all rolled into one! But outdoor kitchens have also evolved to include the old school – wood fired ovens. Wood fired ovens, also known as brick ovens or pizza ovens, have found their way into the landscapes of “Foodies” of all walks of life. They’re great for baking bread, tortillas, and even a roast. And when you’re entertaining a hungry crowd, at 800 plus degrees, they’ll cook a pizza in 90 seconds!

Italian Villa

A project like none other: Our first brick oven. Of course building a brick oven piece by piece wasn’t the only challenging aspect of this project. We had to work with an existing landscape; matching finishing techniques and 20 year old building materials! But the folks were patient and it paid off. Have a look for yourself!

The Fuselage

This was a model home that only left us a 14′ x 32′ area to put an outdoor kitchen, patio cover, and a custom fire’n water feature. The homeowner was a pilot used to having everything at his fingertips. So we included in this project a personalized drawer that housed the remote control panel to all the lights (4 separate units), the fire place, and the waterfalls. The grill was named after his plane, “The Big Sexy.”

Rustic Italian

These folks were after the convenience of today with the charm of the old world – Rustic Italian. Because we were working with a very small area near a pool, these folks chose, in lieu of the brick oven, “The Big Green Egg”. In an effort to keep with the theme, we used re-claimed wood to build the lower storage cabinet. Have a look!

Alpine Cove

With this multi-tiered counter-top, these folks were able to prepare meals and still be part of the party.

Tequila Nights

Coming Soon!

Mountain Retreat

Alumawood cover with custom columns, recessed dimmer switch lighting, and fans. There are multiple GFI outlets in the beams of the cover as well as in the back splash of the barbecue and bar. This outdoor kitchen includes a 37″ Delta Heat grill, dual side burners, refrigerator, icebox, cutting board with a trash chute and all the storage you could possibly ever need. To the right, there is an elevated spa pad that provides a beautiful view of the valley! Note: This project is in its first phase of completion.

The Fairway

Coming Soon!